Some of our Site Features:

• Public & Private Groups -- Members can create their own public or private areas to discuss and share on any range of topics. Members can join multiple groups. Great for focused use by individual interests, guilds, or geographical regions.
• Sitewide & Private Forums --
General forums accessible and viewable by all, or private forums within a particular group.
• Multimedia Sharing -- Post photos, video, or audio files for others to access.
• Blogs & RSS --
Maintain your own blog and keep up with other blogs, on or off-site, automatically.
• Detailed Member Profiles --
Include a portfolio, resume, and other data on your interests. Easily searchable to find others with similar interests. Privacy settings allow you to choose what is viewable and by whom.
• Invite and Buddy lists --
Create a list of contacts and invite others to join the site.
• Archives & Advanced Search Features --
Search the forum history and other areas using advanced search tools.
• Classifieds --
Find a job, sell your stuff, find a work space, and more...

Maintain contacts • Reconnect with old friends • Forge links with puppeteers around the world • Discuss important trends and the latest news • Share and promote your new projects • Start your own groups

Whether you are a seasoned professional, a budding amateur, or simply a puppet enthusiast, there is a place for you in a community on